Why is the Truck Industry Still Vital?

A truck transports goods and products across cities and states for companies and consumers. Several industries depend on trucks to deliver items to warehouses and stores promptly, including companies in the chemical, construction, manufacturing, health, and retail industries.

Is it possible for companies to survive without trucks in the modern age? The answer is “no” because no other transportation technology can deliver large quantities of goods to specific buildings and addresses. Even the biggest and best drones cannot compete with trucks’ power and weight capacity, so they are here to stay.

Kenworth Truck

Here are the eight top reasons why the truck industry continues to thrive in the modern age:

1) Deliver Goods to Any Address

Freight transportation depends heavily on the trucking industry. An international company’s logistical chain still uses rail, aviation, sea, and waterway freight transportation systems. However, trucking is what transports goods from their starting destinations and delivers them to their final destinations. None of the other freight transport modes can deliver goods to any address on land.

2) Haul a Diversity of Goods

Trucks can move almost any type of goods you want to transport, including steel, wood, furniture, and other heavy or bulky items. No other land-based motor vehicles can compete with the weight capacity of trucks. Not only that, but trucks can haul large quantities of individual goods. That is why grocery stores rely on trucks to deliver their food and beverage products.

3) Reduce Expenses

Trucking services can save businesses a lot of money because trucks can transport several goods in a single trip. Fewer trips are always better and more cost-effective if the goods must get transported long distances. After all, multiple trips would mean more fuel and maintenance expenses. Trucks can help you avoid those expenses.

4) Technological Advancements

Trucks continue to be improved with the latest technological advancements in the trucking industry. These new technologies allow trucks to securely haul more types of products than ever before. This provides numerous customisable service options for business owners utilising trucking services.

In addition, the latest technologies help truck drivers save time and increase efficiency. These technologies include collision mitigation technology, electronic logging devices, and dynamic routing technology. Not all trucks have this technology, but more trucks will eventually as industries continue to depend on them.

5) Creates Good-Paying Jobs

Some people like to mock truck drivers by acting like it is a blue-collar job where you make little money. However, truck drivers make great money because companies are willing to pay an excellent price to transport their products quickly.

Many new truck drivers work for trucking firms rather than for companies directly. Alternatively, you could also become your own boss by starting a trucking firm of your own. It may take you longer to start generating good money until you get a steady flow of clients. But once that happens, you could eventually make really good money.

6)  Good Job Security

There is always going to be a high demand for truck drivers. Since companies in several top industries depend on trucking services, finding truck driver job openings is easy throughout the country. All you need is your commercial trucking license to drive a truck, and you’re good to go.

7) Dependability

Trucks will always be more reliable than standard automobiles in terms of durability and construction. For one thing, trucks have a sturdier frame capable of withstanding environmental impact and stress more than automobiles. That is why trucks have a longer lifespan on average.

As a result, trucks can tow or haul practically any type of vehicle or group of products. And if the outside weather conditions get hectic, the trucks can withstand the weather without putting anyone else’s life at risk on the road. Even the goods hauled in the back of the truck won’t get impacted by the weather. Everything will stay safe.

8) Heavy-Duty Vehicle

Do you know why trucks are called heavy-duty vehicles? Aside from the fact that trucks are heavy vehicles, they can haul practically any heavy object too.

Heavy-duty trucks contain super-powerful transmissions and engines not found in ordinary cars. They are built to generate as much power as possible because of the heavy load demands put on them.

For example, if you work in the construction industry and must haul large pieces of lumber and building materials around your local community, you’ll need a heavy-duty truck to handle the load. The same goes for carrying large construction machines and equipment, such as tractors, bobcats, forklifts, etc.

Which truck types are available?

Trucks don’t come in one size or model. Different trucks serve different uses and purposes. So, it is crucial to identify each type of truck and learn its primary purpose.

Let’s take a look at the five main types of trucks used in various industries:

1) Crane Trucks

A crank truck is sometimes called a boom truck and features a hydraulic crane fitted and mounted onto the chassis of a flatbed lorry. Companies use crane trucks to load and unload heavy cargo from great heights. There is no other truck or machine equipped to handle massive and heavy items from high above the ground, not even forklifts.

The average crank truck can reach up to 200 feet or 60 metres. Different crank trucks have various maximum height reaches and weight capacities. Choose whichever model crank truck best suits your company’s productivity needs.

2) Dump Trucks

Most people are familiar with dump trucks because you often see them on the roads and at construction sites. Dump trucks are designed to haul heavy construction supplies and raw materials, such as coal, stones, dirt, old bricks, waste materials, and so on.

Dump trucks are used to deliver and remove heavy materials and supplies. That is why they often make multiple trips back and forth between construction sites and supply facilities. Dump trucks are vital vehicles used in many industries.

3) Cement Trucks

Cement trucks are sometimes called concrete trucks. They have a large rotating drum on top that stores and mixes the concrete to stop it from hardening. Sharp blades inside the drum continuously break down the concrete and keep it as liquified as possible before it arrives at its destination.

When construction workers are ready to release concrete onto the worksite, they will set up long chutes from the cement truck to the destination where the concrete goes. Then, concrete will begin pouring out of the truck and traveling down the long chutes until the concrete reaches its destination.

Cement trucks are the only trucks that can transport concrete long distances because they have the drum technology to maintain the proper water-cement ratio and prevent the cement from hardening. No other trucks are equipped with this sophisticated technology.

Crane Truck

4) Flatbed Trucks

A flatbed truck is a long and massive vehicle with a flat body in the back of it. The flat body surface has no roof or walls surrounding it. However, the flat body has a significant weight capacity that allows it to haul other heavy vehicles, machines, and oversized goods. In fact, many flatbed trucks can carry may tonnes of weight in a single trip.

Another advantage of flatbed trucks is keeping vehicles and items secured and safe during transit. The load is protected from potential impact even if a flatbed truck encounters rough road conditions or harsh weather conditions.

The flatbed truck design has been revolutionary in the trucking and towing industries. It can transport loads too big for a traditional enclosed body truck.

5) Tilt Tray Trucks

Tilt tray tow trucks are similar to flatbed tow trucks. When the truck possesses a tilt mechanism, it has a flat tray in the back that can be tilted and adjusted to an angle. The tilt mechanism makes it easier to load and unload more oversized items, especially vehicles.

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