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Do you need your truck towed in Perth? Executive Towing Services can tow and transport any heavy truck up-to weight capacity of 13.5 tonnes or below. We use highly innovative tilt-slide tray tow trucks that have the power and capability of towing a vehicle of such heavy weight and size for all your truck towing Perth requirements.

You have many towing options available at Executive Towing Services. Our tow trucks come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are capable of towing small trucks that only weight a few tonnes, while others are specifically designed for towing larger trucks up to a capacity of 13.5 tonnes. Our fleet of diverse tilt tray tow trucks are available in all areas of Perth, Western Australia, and we also service country areas throughout the state.

We use highly sophisticated and advanced tilt-slide tray tow trucks to ensure that your heavy truck is loaded safely and securely onto the back of our heavy-duty tow truck. Some of the most common trucks we tow include rigid body trucks, flatbed trucks, pan trucks, tipper trucks and trailers.

Truck Towing Perth

Truck Towing Perth

If you need your truck towed or if you would like to obtain a quote give us a call on 0410 471 056, we can help to determine the size and weight of your truck and then send the appropriate towing vehicle to the requested location and transport your truck to the required destination.

Prices and Insurance

Executive Towing Services offers the lowest prices on truck towing services and we are able to offer these competitive prices to anyone in Perth. If you have broken down and require towing to a mechanic or repairer, we will offer this price with no hidden fees or surcharges. If you have been in a truck accident or your truck has been damaged and you are making an insurance claim, we are also able to offer towing services for most insurance companies in Australia. If you have a policy with an insurance company that includes towing services, generally we will charge the towing costs to the insurer that may leave no out of pocket expenses to you. Give us a call and we can discuss what the best option is for you.

Emergency Truck Towing

There is no telling when your truck will stop working on the road. We know how stressful it can be to deal with a faulty truck at an inconvenient time. That is why we offer emergency truck towing services to everyone in Perth. You don’t need to schedule an appointment for emergency truck towing. Just let us know where you’ve broken down and what type of truck you have. We’ll send the appropriate towing operator to your location and have you off to your mechanic or repairer before you know it.

No Membership Required

Executive Towing Services does not require you to join any particular membership program to use our truck towing services. Our services are available to all individuals and business-people of Perth. You can choose to hire us for a single tow or you can partner with us on a long-term basis. The choice is completely up to you.

If you think you’ll need us often, then you should sign up with us on a long-term basis and take advantage of our special discount and offers. Many businesses of different industries in Perth have done this and they’re enjoying the benefits, you can too.

Hire a Truck Towing Company with the Right Credentials

Executive Towing Services employs the most experienced and skilled towing operators in Perth. We make sure that every one of our towing operators has all their licenses, certifications, and other credentials in good working order. Our towing operators have proven their ability to load and transport oversized objects, such as small and large trucks.

Before we hire any towing operator, we put them through a vigorous test to verify their ability to perform these advanced towing tasks. They also have to take continuing education courses to learn about the latest techniques and equipment that have been introduced to the towing industry.

You can have peace of mind that when you use Executive Towing Services, we will transport your truck safely and professionally to its desired destination each and every time. You will always have a professional towing operator helping you who possesses the latest truck towing skills and abilities in the industry.


Trucks are some of the heaviest vehicles on the road. Businesses and industries use trucks to transport materials, shipments, orders, machinery, fuel, oil, and virtually anything else you can imagine. There are trucks of all different carrying capacities and sizes.

The one thing that every truck has in common is that they are machines. Unfortunately, no machine can last forever without eventually breaking down and requiring maintenance and or repair work done to it. Most people never know when their truck is going to break down until it actually does.

When a heavy truck breaks down, it is a lot more complicated to resolve than when a standard passenger car breaks down. Due to the large size and length of a heavy truck, you will be required to find a towing company that has a tow truck large enough to tow such a vehicle.

The other consideration you need to make is regarding the weight of your heavy truck. You cannot simply call any local towing service company to help you move your heavy truck. The average towing company is not equipped to handle a heavy truck that weighs several tonnes. You need to contact a towing company that specialises in towing heavy trucks. Executive Towing Services in Perth is one of those companies and is here to help.

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