Professional & Competitively Priced Scissor Lift Transport in Perth

A scissor lift is a machine that is normally used in warehouses, buildings and on construction sites. It has the ability to lift its flat platform up vertically into the air so that people can reach higher areas and perform work on them. If you need to use a scissor lift at your worksite or at various sites in Perth, then you’ll need a reliable way to transport the scissor lift to and from these locations.

Need a Scissor Lift Transported? Executive Towing Services Can Help!

Executive Towing Services is the number 1 towing and transport company for transporting Scissor Lifts in Perth. We have been transporting Scissor Lifts for many years now and provide the most affordable and dependable scissor lift transport service available in Perth. We service all areas and also provide transport to most country areas in Western Australia

We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service available. Executive Towing Services has partnered with several small and large companies that require our scissor lift transport services regularly. Some of these companies are highly reputable in their given industries, while others are start-up companies. We’re proud to offer our services in any way we can to assist anyone that requires it.

Tilt Tray Towing for Scissor Lifts

When you need your Scissor Lift transported, you will need this to be done on a tilt tray tow truck. The machine will be winched onto a flat deck and then hydraulicly lifted into a horizontal position, secured and then transported to the requested destination. If you transport a scissor lift a different way, with say a trailer, there is always the chance of damaging the machine if the trailer was to hit rocks or a pothole on the road.

Scissor lifts are heavy machines and require experts who know how to transport them safely. If you were to choose the wrong towing service provider to relocate your scissor lifts, then you could be putting people and property at risk. In fact, you could be putting your own scissor lifts at risk. These are highly delicate machines that are not shaped like ordinary machines. If they’re not secured properly on the tilt tray tow truck, then they could easily suffer damage during the trip.

All the towing operators of Executive Towing Services have undergone all the necessary training and education to safely transport sophisticated machinery like scissor lifts. All our tow truck operators have received extensive training and are an expert in their field. These credentials signify our authority to perform high-risk jobs, such as transporting machinery and scissor lifts.

And the best way to transport a scissor lift is by using a tilt tray tow truck that is provided by Executive Towing Services. We will transport the machine to any location you require at the time you require. We are fully insured and guarantee the machine will arrive in the same condition it left in each and every time.

Over 15 Years of Experience

Executive Towing Services has 15 years of experience under its belt. Scissor lift transportation has been our specialty because the demand for scissor lift relocation continues to be high in Perth.

Do you need to transport one scissor lift or a bunch of them? Let us know what you require as we can provide transport of one scissor lift or mutable scissor lifts. We can transport any machinery up to and including 11 tonnes at one time. It may be more cost effective to transport multiple machines at the same time. Just contact us with the specifications of your transport needs, and we’ll arrange the appropriate accommodations at a competitive price.

Executive Towing Services strives to obey all the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations and laws of the government. To us safety and the health and wellbeing of our drivers and customers is our number one priority. In addition to this our towing vehicles are repaired and maintained to a very high standard. It is our job to ensure the safety of your scissor lifts and the safety of everyone around when we are transporting these machines in Perth.

All our tow truck operators have undergone extensive background and education checks to ensure they’re trustworthy and knowledgeable. This is another reason why you should choose Executive Towing Services and will give you the peace of mind as were towing your scissor lifts to your specified locations in and around Western Australia.

Our commitment to high-quality customer service is known throughout the region. We make it our mission to safely transport our clients’ scissor lifts to the necessary destinations. The deliveries will be done quickly and on schedule. Our scissor lift transport services are always available when you need them.

There is no transport company more reliable and professional than Executive Towing Services. You can entrust us with your scissor lifts transport requirements. We do this kind of work every day, and our clients are always 100% satisfied. If you have questions or would like to receive a free quote, feel free to contact us on 0410 471 056 or use our contact us form below and we will contact you.

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