Six Critical Actions You Must Take Before Your Tow Truck Arrives

No one likes to experience a car breakdown situation, especially when it happens in the middle of traffic. It will make you panic and feel significant stress because you’ll feel helpless without a functioning car. The only thing that’ll come to your mind is to pull your vehicle over to the side of the road and call a tow truck for assistance.

Fortunately, we live in a day and age when everyone carries a phone in their pocket or purse so you don’t have to abandon your vehicle and walk to the nearest payphone to call for assistance. Instead, you can call for help from your car and wait inside it until the tow truck arrives.

However, it would help if you took the proper critical actions before the arrival to ensure the towing process goes smoothly and quickly. Below are the six main critical actions that we recommend you take to prepare for the tow truck’s arrival at your location on the side of the road.

1) Pull Over to a Safe Location on the Side of the Road

Most motorists will figure out this action out of necessity. After all, if your car starts to malfunction in the middle of the road, you don’t want to keep it there because it could hold up traffic once it stops working. Then you’ll be even more stressed by the other motorists honking and cursing at you for disrupting the traffic flow on the road.

Therefore, your first action should be to pull your vehicle over to a safe location on the side of the road. A safe location would be any relatively flat terrain or pavement entirely off the road. There should be a breakdown lane on most major roads and highways with enough space for your vehicle to park on.

If your car has stopped in the middle of the road, it’ll take more time for the tow truck to navigate through the congested traffic to get to your vehicle. On the other hand, pulling over to the side of the road will prevent congested traffic and allow the tow truck operator to access your vehicle easily.

2) Don’t Forget to Activate Your Hazard Lights

Every modern vehicle has a hazard light button somewhere on the dashboard. It is usually located near one of the air vents in the front of the car. You are legally and ethically required to push this button to activate your vehicle’s hazard lights whenever you experience functionality issues with your car.

Hazard lights cause your vehicle’s rear and front lights to flash on and off repeatedly. These flashes signal to other drivers that your vehicle is not functioning normally. That way, the other drivers can take extra caution when attempting to pass your vehicle.

Turn the hazard lights on as soon as you realize you need to pull over to the side of the road. Then, after you pull over, keep the hazard lights on because it’ll make it easier for the tow truck operator to identify your vehicle as the one in trouble.

3) Take a Breath and Remain Calm

Try not to panic during a breakdown situation. You may feel helplessly stranded on the side of the road, but you can feel good knowing that help will arrive shortly. At least you don’t need to abandon your car to call for help because you have a mobile phone to call for help remotely.

So take a breath and remain calm while waiting for the tow truck operator to arrive at your location. If you have pulled your car off the road entirely, you don’t have much else to worry about until the towing operator arrives.

There are many fun ways to pass the time until the tow truck operator arrives. For instance, you could turn on the car radio and listen to your favourite songs or radio stations. You could also play your favourite video games or visit your favourite internet websites on your smartphone. But if you want to get old-fashioned, read a book until help arrives!

4) Don’t Accept Rides from Anyone

Not accepting rides from strangers is a rule that kids and adults should both follow. Some bad people out there may want to take advantage of your vulnerable situation by offering to give you a ride. Unfortunately, they could have foul intentions toward you if you accept their invitation for a ride. That is why you should never accept rides from strangers.

Decline their invitations in the nicest way possible. Make up an excuse by saying that help will arrive shortly, even if it’s not true. You don’t need to accept a ride from anyone because you can contact a friend or family member to pick you up if possible. Either that or wait for the tow truck operator to arrive and ask if they can give you a lift. Some towing companies do offer rides to their customers.

5) Verify the Towing Driver’s Credentials from the Tow Truck Dispatcher

Don’t be afraid to ask for the towing operator’s credentials when calling the tow truck dispatcher to request assistance. For example, ask the towing dispatcher for the license plate number of the tow truck coming to your location. Then you can identify the tow truck after it stops to help you. If the license plate matches, you’ll know it is a legitimate towing operator rather than someone scamming you

6) Take All Your Valuable Personal Possessions with You

Don’t leave your valuable personal possessions in your vehicle. After the tow truck arrives, remove all the valuable personal possessions from your vehicle. The most common items you’ll want to remove from your car include your smartphone, purse, tablets, portable gaming systems, wallet, keys, shoes, and anything else of value.

Call a Professional Tow Truck Company

The last thing to remember is to call a professional tow truck company. There are many towing companies that you could call, but only a select few offer fast and dedicated customer support. Executive Towing Services offers a professional and reliable service and can assist with all you towing requirements in Perth – Call 0410 471 056