Tie Down Straps and Tow Straps

No one ever thinks they will need a tow truck until they’re in a desperate situation where their vehicle doesn’t start. Most people assume that tow trucks are only reserved for vehicles which have been severely damaged in a traffic accident. However, over 50% of towing requests are made for other reasons.

Some of these reasons include:

  • Vehicle recovery from the side of the road
  • Moving an illegally parked vehicle
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Transporting an operative vehicle to the nearest auto mechanic

Executive Towing Services works to ensure that your vehicle is transported safely and without any damage inflicted upon it. We treat all vehicles that we tow as if they’re our very own. The safety of our towing practices can be attributed to our quality tow trucks and their tow straps and tie downs.

We Have Straps for Any Purpose.

To properly secure your vehicle on our tow truck, we use both tow straps and tie down straps. The way in which these straps are used depends on why the towing job is needed and the type of vehicle that needs to be towed. By factoring these things into the equation, we can apply the straps in a way which greatly reduces the chances of damaging your vehicle while it is being transported.

When are tow straps needed? How do you use them?

Whenever a vehicle is towed in the back of a tow truck, it is recommended that tow straps be applied to the vehicle. The tow straps can either be connected to the back end or front end of the vehicle. From there, the other end of the straps is attached to the tow truck’s wheel lift.

For front-wheel drive vehicles, it is better to connect the tow straps to the front end because it will lift those front wheels off the ground. As for rear-drive vehicles, it is better for the two straps to be attached to the back end. Whichever end you apply the straps to, they will be connected to the wheel lift. This lift is always located behind the tow truck.

When you need to tow a 4-wheel drive vehicle, all-wheel drive vehicle, lowered vehicle or motorcycle, it is better to use a tilt tray or flatbed tow truck. If you must use a traditional tow truck to tow these types of vehicles, then the truck will need to have wheel lift bars and tow dollies included with them.

Tow straps are both flexible and strong. Their purpose is to keep the vehicle secure and reduce its movement. They do this by holding and securing the tyres during the towing process. You can rely on tow straps because they have no metal clamps built into them. Their flexibility comes in handy when strapping a vehicle which gets pulled off the side of the road, especially if it’s caught in water or mud.

When are tie down straps needed? How do you use them?

When you have a big vehicle or all-wheel drive vehicle which needs to be placed on a tilt tray or flatbed tow truck, then you need to use tie down straps to safely secure them there. You can add more security to your vehicle by using more straps. Let’s examine some possible scenarios here:

  • If you only need to tow a motorcycle, then you can get away with using just a few tie-down straps. But if you’re towing a bigger vehicle like a car, SUV, ATV, bus, or small truck, then you may need anywhere from 4 to 8 tie-down straps.
  • After the vehicle is on the back of the tilt tray or flatbed tow truck, 1 tie-down strap is applied to each tyre. The straps are then locked and secured onto the platform, limiting the vehicle’s movement.
  • There is no better way to securely transport a damaged vehicle, 4-wheel drive vehicle, truck, luxury vehicle, high-performance vehicle, and sports car. Tilt tray or flatbed tow trucks are the only way to go.

The Difference Between the Various Towing Materials

Woven materials are used to make tow straps and tie-down straps. They are designed to accommodate multiple types of vehicle towing. Each strap is configured differently because the tie-down straps are designed to be flat and long. This allows them to tightly hold the vehicle securely on the back of the tilt tray or flatbed tow truck. The tow straps are different because they’re woven to be thicker. This allows the tyres to be held securely in place while the vehicle is being transported on the road or when it is being recovered.

If you would like to enquire about our various towing straps and materials, you can reach Executive Towing Services at 0410 471 056. We can tow any type of vehicle or load that you need.

In emergency situations where you need to request a towing service right away, you can give us a call during our hours of operation, and we will send a tow truck operator to your location in a jiffy. The customer service representative on the phone will ask you to provide certain information about your vehicle, such as its current location, destination location, identification information, and weight. If you need to schedule the relocation of one of your vehicles for a later date, we can do that for you too.