How to Prevent Tyre Blowouts

Tyre blowouts can be super frustrating because they leave you stranded on the side of the road with nowhere to go and requiring the services of a tow truck in Perth. This is a dangerous type of breakdown situation because tyre blowouts can increase the chances of an accident if you’re driving fast when it happens. That is why it is best to prevent tyre blowouts so that this doesn’t happen. If you can successfully maintain your tyres, you can prevent serious accidents from occurring. If not that, you’ll prevent paying an expensive price for repairs.

Below are the best ways to prevent Tyre blowouts.

1) Track Tyre Pressure

Don’t wait until your low tire pressure warning light illuminates on your dashboard before you check the pressure of your tyres. Make it a habit of regularly checking the pressure in your tyres to ensure they all have the same amount of pressure. If one tyre is lower than the others, then fill it up until it reaches the proper PSI.

Not all tyres require the same level of pressure. Look in your owner’s manual or on the tyres themselves to find out what pressure level they need to be at. You can also talk with someone at your car dealership or mechanical workshop to find out too. Make sure you have a portable pressure gauge on hand to check the pressure of your tyres. Petrol stations have air compressors for filling your tyres with air.

If you overinflate your tyres with air pressure, this can increase the chances of tyre blowouts. This occurs because the rubber of overinflated tyres tends to weaken and stretch in this condition. If they stretch too much, they blow out. As for underinflated tyres, they can possibly blowout too because their lack of air pressure causes them to overheat.

2) No Overloading

Overloading is another cause of tyre blowouts. If you exceed the maximum weight capacity of your vehicle by overloading it with heavy items, then you can experience a tyre blowout. This does not happen often, though, because most people don’t overload their vehicles to this extent. However, it may happen with people who are moving their possessions to a new residence or bringing their possessions with them on a road trip holiday. If you plan to do anything like this, check your owner’s manual first and see what the weight capacity is of your vehicle. Estimate whether you’re going over the limit or not. If you are, then consider renting a moving truck or motor home instead.

3) No Speeding

Do you speed regularly? If so, that can increase the chances of tyres blowing out. The faster tyres move, the hotter they become. That is why blowouts can occur from speeding. In addition, if there is debris or other unforeseen obstacles on the road and you drive over them at fast speeds, that can increase the chances of a blowout as well. And if there is no blowout, your tyres may lose pressure from hitting these obstacles. In fact, they may continue to lose pressure until a blowout occurs shortly later. So, you need to be careful about driving at high speeds. Try to maintain a steady speed that is suitable for the road you’re driving on. If you have old or repaired tyres, you need to be even more careful.

4) Get Good Tyres

New or good quality tyres have the best chance of being safe on the road. They should last you between 50,000 and 75,000 kms. If you’re driving on tyres which have been used for longer than this, then your chances of blowouts will increase. You need to replace those tyres at once with good tyres.

How to Handle Tyre Blowouts

If you experience a tyre blowout, just remain calm and pull over immediately to the side of the road. Then call a reliable towing service company like Executive Towing Services to assist you. We will send a qualified team of towing professionals to your location to provide you with the best roadside assistance possible. Contact us for more information on how we can help you out in this situation.