When Should I Request an Accident Towing Service in Perth?

Irresponsible drivers can be the primary cause of traffic accidents. Perhaps a driver is distracted by their mobile phone or isn’t paying attention on the road. Maybe a driver is late for work, so they drive above the speed limit while cutting in between lanes. These are the kinds of irresponsible driving actions that cause traffic accidents. The sad thing is that most of these accidents are preventable.

The aftermath of a traffic accident could range from a minor fender bender to major vehicle damage and or a severely injured person. If you or someone else has been injured in a traffic accident, you should call for medical assistance immediately by dialling 000. Once all the injured people are receiving medical assistance and if the vehicles are blocking the road it is best to next call an experienced and professional towing service to move the vehicles. You can worry about calling your insurance company later to discuss the claim process for the damage to your vehicle.

An accident towing service provider specialises in removing damaged vehicles from the road. In many cases, the damaged vehicles block traffic in the middle of the road because they cannot be pulled over to the side. They require a professional towing company that knows how to recover and remove damaged vehicles from the scene of an accident safely and securely.

Executive Towing Services has over 15 years of experience transporting severely damaged vehicles. Our tow truck operators use special equipment and skills to remove damaged vehicles from the road and transport them safely on a tilt tray to their destination. No further damage is inflicted upon the vehicle because of our advanced towing methods and equipment.

Who Calls the Accident Towing Service in Perth?

Most traffic accidents where somebody is injured require the police and ambulance to be called first. If no one is injured in the accident, the police will not need to be contacted but a traffic accident report or crash report would need to be submitted online or at your local police station. Otherwise, your insurance company may deny your claim because you won’t have an incident report to prove it is a legitimate claim.

If there are people around the accident scene, then one of them may call the police,  ambulance or a towing service. If your in a position to call you should try to show that you tried to do the responsible thing after the accident. Sometimes the police may contact an accident towing service depending on the severity of the injuries but generally you will be responsible for organising a tow truck. Sometimes tow trucks will just show up at an accident scene, you always have the choice to choose and organise your own tow truck after the event of a car accident.

Executive Towing Services is one of the most experienced accident towing services in Perth. We work closely with different insurance companies and repair shops in all areas. This is why you should take the initiative and call our towing company so you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the care of a reputable towing company rather than some anonymous towing company.

A Responsive and Versatile Towing Company in Perth

Executive Towing Services can tow and transport private and commercial vehicles after they are damaged in an accident. We are a responsive and versatile towing company capable of towing vehicles of any shape, size or condition. Our advanced tilt tray tow trucks make it fast and easy for us to recover standard vehicles, light trucks, SUVs, vans, lowered vehicles and all types of damaged vehicles. We can also assist with the towing and transport of heavy vehicles up-to a weight capacity of 13.5 tonnes.

You can find out more information or submit a service request by calling us on 0410 471 056. We are here to help with all your accident towing requirements.