What To Do When Your Car Has Broken Down

Car breakdowns can be unpredictable, annoying and dangerous, a situation that you could find yourself in at any time or any place. Not many drivers will be prepared for the day when something bad will happen on the road, here are some basic things that can be done immediately after a vehicle breakdown has occurred.

If you notice something is not quite right and your car is starting to make noises, overheating or warning lights are showing it is advisable to pull over in a safe location out of the traffic as soon as practically possible. If the car has completely stopped in the middle of the road and will not start it will probably be very possible for you to push the vehicle to a safer place by yourself or with the assistance of the general public.

Make the car visible. Turn on the emergency double indicators or hazard lights, if your vehicle is equipped with warning triangles place these at the rear and side of the vehicle so the oncoming traffic can notice the broken down car from a distance and can slow down if necessary.

Try to stay out and away from the vehicle and in a safe place away from all of the oncoming traffic flow, locate exactly where you are noting the street or road that you are on and the nearest cross street and or landmark you are near so you can describe exactly where you are. Call Executive Towing Services covering all areas of Perth for assistance on 0410 471 056, we will advise when the next available tow truck will arrive at the breakdown location and what the total cost will be to tow your vehicle to your preferred mechanic or repair centre and if you don’t have a mechanic or repairer in mind we can suggest one for you.

If you’ve had a breakdown and need a tow truck in Perth, a towing service in Wangara or a tilt tray in Osborne Park or any other areas in the Perth metropolitan area contact the professionals at Executive Towing Services, our team are standing by to assist you in this or any other situation that a towing service is required, for a prompt and professional service each and every time.