Use a Professional Vehicle Towing Service to Quickly Move Your Vehicle

No one wants to get stranded on the side of the road. But, unfortunately, that’s what can happen if your vehicle gets involved in a collision or breaks down unexpectedly. Such an incident can be inconvenient and annoying. The last thing you would want is to have issues with finding a good towing company to move your car where it needs to go.

Fortunately, there is an efficient and reliable towing service with years of experience in Perth. The next time you get stranded on the side of the road, simply call Executive Towing Services on 0410 471 056. We offer a professional vehicle towing service to all commercial and private vehicle owners and operators in all areas of Perth.

What to Do When Your Car is Immobile

A car becomes immobile if it breaks down or suffers a severe vehicular collision and or accident. If you have never been stranded before, it can be a nerve-shattering experience. The best way to deal with this type of situation is not to panic and think about what to do next.

If this type of situation occurs, try to pull off to the side of the road in a safe place. If the vehicle has stopped in the middle of the road, activate the double indicator lights or hazard lights to warn other drivers.

If assistance is available, try to move or push your vehicle off the road into a safe location. This can be dangerous when there are many cars passing so only do this if it looks safe to do so. It is probably not advisable to sit in the vehicle if it is stuck in the middle of the road as another vehicle may collide with it causing you harm.

The best place to try and stop when this type of thing happens is the emergency lane on the freeway, up on the medium strip or up on the verge on a busy road and to the side of the road on a backstreet or residential road. Always try and when possible allow for adequate room for a service vehicle or tow truck to pull up in front of your vehicle to assist in moving your vehicle safely.

If you want to make the smart choice in these situations, you should contact a professional vehicle recovery service provider. Executive Towing Services can recover and tow any immobile vehicle in Perth, whether it malfunctions or suffers damage. We provide a wide range of comprehensive towing services to recover vehicles of all conditions, sizes, shapes, and models.

All you need to do is call us on 0410 471 056. Please describe the nature of your problem to the customer service representative and where you’re currently located. We’ll dispatch the nearest roadside service professional or tow truck operator to assist you promptly.

Recover and Tow Your Vehicle From Any Suburb in Perth

Some towing companies only serve a limited number of suburbs in Perth. On the other hand, Executive Towing Services can help customers in any suburb of Perth. We have a massive fleet of tilt-tray tow truck operators available in every suburb of the city. It won’t take us long to reach you in any of the local suburbs, including Osborne Park, Wangara, Floreat, Belmont, Malaga, Balcatta, Inglewood, Kewdale, Innaloo, Joondalup, Canning Vale and Queens Park.

The towing destination is your choice. When you call us to request an emergency towing service, please let us know where you want the vehicle towed in Perth. Then we can calculate and provide the price for the service and give it to you over the phone. If you only need minor roadside assistance, such as a battery jump start or flat tyre change, we can also help with our Perth roadside assistance services.

If your vehicle requires mechanical repair work, we recommend that you have us take it to the nearest auto repair shop or mechanic. Our customer service team can suggest a reputable and affordable auto repair shop if you need help selecting a destination.

Call us today on 0410 471 056 to request emergency vehicle towing services in Perth.