The Purpose of Tilt Trays in the Modern World

It is not easy to move vehicles, machinery and oversized pieces of equipment to different locations in Western Australia. The only way to do this fast and efficiently is to use a tilt tray in Perth. If you have never managed the transportation and delivery of large or heavy load before, then you will find the information in this article to be invaluable. For starters, you will learn about tilt trays and what they are. You will learn what tilt trays can be used for, such as the types of loads you can move. Most importantly, you will learn how tilt trays function.

Once you read all the information in this article, it is only natural that you may still have questions regarding tilt trays and how these services operate in Perth. In that case, feel free to email or call us to get answers to your questions. Our company has a tremendous amount of experience with operating tilt trays and transporting vehicles with them. In fact, our team manages a fleet of tilt tray tow trucks which come right from our depot in Osborne Park.

white Lexus on the back of a tilt tray transport

How a Tilt Tray Functions

You can probably imagine how this method of transportation works by simply looking at the name “tilt tray.” This is a special type of tow truck which features a tilt tray on the back of it. This tray tilts so that the edge of its rear can reach the ground. When you need to transport heavy or irregularly shaped equipment, it is easier to load the equipment onto the tow truck’s bed when you have a tray that tilts like this. There is no need to use a boom or crane to load the equipment like with traditional tow trucks. A hydraulic system is featured below the bed of the tilt tray truck. Hydraulics are how the tray can tilt and slide when necessary. To pull the equipment onto the tilt tray, there is a winch in the front which performs this task. From there, the hydraulic system positions the tray back on the truck horizontally. This sums up how a tilt tray operates.


The operators of a tilt tray truck need to receive intensive and thorough training before they’re competent. The reason is that a tilt tray can be quite damaging to vehicles or people if it is not used correctly. Only a trained and experienced professional should operate a tilt tray truck. Although, a layperson like yourself can still learn about the process of tilt tray loading with a brief description of the steps.

  1. Reverse to the front of the load in the truck and then park it. Leave plenty of space between the load and the tilt tray truck. Whenever you plan to use a tilt tray slide to transport a load, the tray will tilt and then slide off the truck in a backward direction. Once the back edge is at the same level as the ground, the heavy load should be right in front of it. This could be your heavy equipment, machinery or a truck or car.
  2. Like previously mentioned, there are hydraulic controls which cause the tray to tilt as well as slide. Get the tray in the proper position before moving onto the third step.
  3. At the front of the tray, there is a winch with hooks or chains connected to it. You need to unwind the winch until you see the hooks or chains precisely facing the front of the load. These two things get hooked together so that the load can be winched onto the tray by the operator.
  4. When the tray has been tilted and positioned underneath the load correctly, the operator will winch the load onto the tray. There is a video featured here which visually demonstrates this process for you.
  5. Now the load should be winched fully up on the tray. At this point, you’ll want to tilt and slide the tray backward until it returns to its original horizontal position. This is a position that is within the truck’s frame.
  6. As the tray is positioned horizontally, the load is then secured to the tray by straps and chains and after that, you’re ready to drive off and transport the load to its final destination.

forklift truck on a tilt tray

Tilt Tray Trucks: The Typical Loads That Get Transported

The purpose of tilt tray trucks is to make it easier to transport heavy and/or oversized loads. Basically, if you have a load which is challenging to pick up from the ground and place onto a traditional flatbed tow truck, then you will want a tilt tray truck to be used instead.

  • Shipping Containers – Chances are that you don’t have a large crane to move around shipping containers on your worksite. Only industrial docks have this kind of equipment. If you try to put a shipping container onto the back of a regular truck, but they may not be able to access it because it’s in a difficult When you hire a service person to bring a tilt tray truck that is rated for the correct load, you will see how much faster it is to load a container onto the tray and then drive it off to its destination. This can be any location in Western Australia. For those of you who receive shipping containers regularly, you must invest in a tilt tray service to handle your transportation needs.
  • Heavy Machinery – A regular truck might not be able to lift equipment or machinery because they’re very heavy. However, a tilt tray truck can do this with no problem. Even in all situations if they are operatable or not. This will make it safe and fast to load the equipment onto the tilt tray truck. It is also a cheaper method of transporting such loads.

Tilt tray trucks can move practically any type of load. If you want to find out more information about this, you can contact us at your convenience. For now, we hope that you’ve been educated on the basics of tilt tray trucks and how they function.