One Phone Call for Fast and Versatile Towing Services in Perth

People need towing services for many different reasons. The most common reasons are when a vehicle has an accidental collision or unexpected breakdown. These situations require a tow truck to move the vehicle off the road to a safe location, such as a holding yard, auto repair shop or smash repairer.

However, these are not the only circumstances when a towing service comes in handy. You may also need a towing service to relocate a luxury vehicle or a project car to a new location.  Relocation services don’t require a vehicle to be broken or damaged. In fact, some people hire towing services to transport their vehicles without the risk of damaging them like by using a car trailer or some other method.

What purpose do you have for needing a towing service? Regardless of the reason, you’ll need to hire a towing company with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Executive Towing Services is one of the only towing companies to offer multi-purpose towing services in Perth. We can tow light and heavy trucks, industrial machinery, SUVs, sedans, vans, sports cars, luxury vehicles, low-suspension vehicles, and more.

One Phone Call Away

All it takes is one phone call to receive our exemplary towing service. Smartphones give people the power to request a tow and remain with their vehicles at the same time. You no longer have to abandon your vehicle to look for a payphone at the nearest petrol station. You can simply call our number and request a tow from the exact location where your vehicle has been stranded.

Once you submit a towing service request to us on the phone, it should take about 60 minutes for the nearest tow truck operator to reach your location in Perth (*subject to availability) Our vast fleet of tow truck operators makes it easy for us to respond to service requests quickly. As a result, you’ll never have to wait for hours like you would with other towing companies in the city.

The best way to stay competitive in the towing industry is to deliver a fast and affordable towing service to customers. Executive Towing Services stays ahead of the competition by providing cost-effective towing services within short timeframes. Our customers never have to wait long for emergency towing or roadside assistance from our tow truck operators and technicians.

If you’re curious about the delivery time, we will take the shortest route to get your vehicle to the specified destination. We don’t want to waste time any more than you do. Our mission is to deliver your vehicle to the destination as quickly as possible and we’ll ensure your vehicle is securely placed on the back of our tilt tray tow truck for the entire trip.

Tilt Tray Tow Trucks for Different Size Vehicles

Executive Towing Services uses tilt tray tow trucks because they allow us to tow a diverse group of vehicles. Tilt tray tow trucks use advanced technology to lift, winch, and secure vehicles without any risk of damaging them during loading and transit. The size and shape of the vehicles we can move don’t usually matter and we can transport anything up to weight capacity of 13.5 tonnes.

Whether you drive a small private sedan or a large commercial van, we can tow it just as quickly. It won’t take long for us to pick up your vehicle from its current location and transport it to its destination. Tilt tray tow trucks allow us to work quickly and safely.

Earlier tow truck models did not offer such conveniences because they required vehicles to be pulled with a chain or belts. That put limitations on which vehicles could be towed in the first place. But with tilt tray tow trucks, we can tow a broader range of vehicles because those limitations are removed.


There has never been an easier time to request emergency towing or roadside assistance. The modern age allows you to call for help from any location. The best part is that we have the most advanced towing technology ever to exist. That is why you are in good hands when you request a tow from Executive Towing Services.