Why Would Electric Cars Ever Need Roadside Assistance?

Electric cars will eventually take over the future of the automotive industry. The increasing demand for reducing carbon emissions and fossil fuels will soon make this happen. When you’re driving an electric car, it makes you feel like you can just keep going forever without any issues. Unfortunately, electric cars can breakdown on the side of the road just like petrol cars. What do you do when you need roadside assistance in this situation? Don’t stress yourself out over the assumption that a custom tow truck is needed to transport the electric car. The truth is that any professional towing company will be able to tow your electric car using the same methods as towing any other car.

So, why do electric cars break down in the first place? Let’s examine those reasons.

1) Low or Dead battery

Electric cars run on batteries. Like all batteries, they can lose power eventually. If your electric car battery goes dead while you’re on the road, then it will cause you to breakdown. The good news is that auto manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to enhance the battery life of electric cars. However, their progress has been gradual, to say the least. In the meantime, drivers are forced to calculate how much battery power they have left. As a result, they must calculate how far they can drive before having to turn back and go home. Otherwise, they run the risk of losing battery power on the road. If they’re fortunate to live near specialised petrol stations which have charging stations for electric car batteries, then that is one alternative. Unfortunately, most petrol stations are not equipped with this technology yet. That is why if your electric car breaks down because of a dead battery, then you can only depend on roadside assistance to save you.

2) Broken or Decayed Battery

If you have an early model electric car, then you know how terrible their batteries are. You need to regularly replace these batteries because they break down and decay a lot faster than the newer electric car batteries. The worst thing is when your battery breaks down while you’re on the road. In this case, you can call for a tow truck to bring your vehicle to the nearest electric car battery dealer.

3) Brake Problems

Electric cars can develop brake problems just like standard vehicles. There are special braking systems in electric cars which manage their own level of brake degradation. Because of this, most drivers tend to think it is okay to never maintain their braking system with an occasional tune-up. Then it surprises them when their braking system starts having problems. In most cases, their brake rotors or brake pads need to be replaced because they wear down quickly.  Never take any chances when it comes to malfunctioning brakes. Pull your vehicle over and call a tow truck company for some roadside assistance.

4) Flat Tyre

Electric cars have rubber tyres just like any ordinary car. This means your electric car tyres can go flat or wear out just the same. In fact, electric cars face even bigger obstacles. Since electric engines and batteries weigh more than standard internal combustion engines and batteries, this extra weight puts more pressure on the tyres. It also increases the regular load of the vehicle. As a result, your tyres are more likely to go flat, and your vehicle is susceptible to more wear and tear.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is track the number of miles that you drive in your electric car. This makes it easier to predict when you need to replace your tyres. Then you can avoid a flat tyre situation.

5) Car Accident

Electric cars sometimes may be slower overall, but they can still get into accidents just like any other car. For this reason, it is good to drive defensively wherever you go. If your electric car has been involved in an accident, even if it’s a minor one, it should be towed to prevent further damage to the electrical components of the vehicle. Keep the contact information of a professional and reliable tow truck company like Executive Towing Services in your wallet, purse or on your smartphone.

You may be the safest driver in the world, but an accident can still happen to you. All it takes is for one mistake to be made by you or another driver on the road. Then you’ll find yourself stranded with nowhere to go. The only thing left to do is call a tow truck company to quickly assist you.

Professional Roadside Assistance for Electric Cars

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