Did Your Vehicle Breakdown in Perth? Hire a Reputable Towing Service Provider

There is nothing more frustrating than when your vehicle breaks down on the road unexpectedly. If you notice something wrong with your vehicle as you’re driving, the first thing you should do is try to pull over to the side of the road in a breakdown lane or safe location.

When your vehicle is no longer driveable due to an unexpected mechanical malfunction, you’ll need to hire a reputable towing service provider in Perth. Executive Towing Services has towed and transported the broken-down vehicles of thousands of people over the last 15 years. They trust in our experience to deliver quality towing services at affordable prices.

broken down car in the rain

Tilt Tray Tow Trucks for Safe Vehicle Transportation

Executive Towing Services operate a fleet of tilt tray tow trucks that guarantee the safety of our customers’ towed vehicles. When we recover your broken-down vehicle from the road, it will be winched up and secured to a flatbed surface on the back of our tilt tray tow truck. The vehicle’s entire weight and mass will be carried securely by our truck. All of our tilt tray operators are fully trained and experienced at towing and recovering vehicles from any breakdown situation.

Our tilt tray tow trucks can tow private and commercial vehicles, such as SUV’s & 4WD’s, standard vehicles, trucks, utes and vans. In addition, we can also tow industrial machinery after it breaks down too. Only a towing company with a tilt tray tow truck and the proper training can tow machinery like bobcats and forklifts. Executive Towing Services possesses the necessary tow trucks and experienced operators to handle your towing task no matter how complicated it seems.

We Can Handle Minor and Major Breakdown Situations

A breakdown doesn’t necessarily mean that your vehicle has a major mechanical malfunction. Sometimes a vehicle breakdown could be due to a much simpler problem, such as a lack of fuel or a bad battery. Numerous vehicles experience these types of issues every day in Perth. Fortunately, these problems can usually get resolved without a towing service.

Our emergency roadside assistance service can assist you with changing flat tyres, adding fuel to your petrol tank, unlocking a locked car door, and jumpstarting a dead battery. All of these are minor causes of vehicle breakdowns that can be resolved on the side of the road. When you contact our office for assistance, we’ll send a qualified emergency roadside technician with the proper equipment and supplies to assist you fast.

However, if your vehicle has a mechanical issue that can not be fixed on the side of the road, you’ll have no choice but to have it towed to a safe location like a mechanic or auto repair shop. Our services can handle any minor or major vehicle breakdown situation. We have the most advanced technology, equipment and experience to tow vehicles in any shape or condition.

We’re Ready to Serve Customers in Perth

A driver cannot wait long for towing assistance after their vehicle breaks down. Executive Towing Services has several tow truck operators on the roads of Perth to assist anyone that needs us. When you request our service from a location in Perth, we’ll have the nearest operator dispatched to your area quickly. We’re ready and able to serve customers at a moment’s notice. Give us a call on 0410 471 056 and we promise you will not be disappointed.