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Osborne Park is a suburb in the city of Perth. As you may know, this city is also the capital of Western Australia. Osborne Park is a great suburb which has grown exponentially with new businesses and people. As a result, there are several types of vehicles moving on the roads and streets of the suburb. Sooner or later, some of these vehicles will experience a breakdown. If you are in this position, then you need to request a tilt tray towing service. This is the only way to safely move your vehicle to a location where it can get fixed.

Whether you are a local businessperson or resident, you should choose Executive Towing Services to satisfy your tilt tray service needs in Osborne Park. We are the most reputable and professional tilt tray service provider in the suburb because of our many years of experience in providing quality services and customer satisfaction. In addition, we maintain competitive prices to make our services stand out the most. Regardless of the type of vehicle you need to be transported, we have a tilt tray tow truck to handle the task.

Tilt Tray Towing Defined

A traditional tow truck simply pulls another vehicle behind it. This may be okay if you want to tow a vehicle that is not too heavy or valuable. But if you want to tow a vehicle and you’re worried about it sustaining damage, then pulling it on the road is probably a bad idea. The towed vehicle is open to getting damaged, scratched, or scraped if it is on the road. And if the vehicle is a 4WD or AWD, all wheels generally need to be off the ground to transport it otherwise damage to the gearbox or other components could occur.

The best alternative to this is a tilt tray tow truck. It features a rear tilt tray which is operated by a hydraulic system. The tray is placed in front of the vehicle and then the hydraulics are activated to lift it off the ground. The vehicle gets put horizontally in the back of the tow truck. There won’t be any part of the vehicle touching the road. That way, it can remain safe the entire time it is being transported to its destination.

Executive Towing Services can quickly fulfil a tilt tray tow truck service request in Osborne Park. We have tilt tray tow truck operators available in the suburb who are ready to serve local customers. When you contact us with your service request, just let us know what type of vehicle you have, its current condition, and where you would like it transported. We will dispatch the nearest tilt tray tow truck operator to your current location in a timely manner. From there, they can take your vehicle to anywhere in the suburb or the city of Perth that you want.

Lowered, Luxury, and High-Performance Vehicles

A tilt tray towing service can move any lowered, luxury, or high-performance vehicle that you need transported. The types of vehicles which qualify under this category include race cars, sports cars, hot rods, and classic cars. Basically, a car that is not like your average car is probably a luxury vehicle. These are special cars because they’re worth a lot of money. That is why their owners want them transported safely and securely. Otherwise, these vehicles could lose value if they’re impacted with a scratch, scrape or worse.

If you have a vehicle like this, rest assured that Executive Towing Services can keep it completely safe. Our tilt tray tow trucks are top of the line and can guarantee that your prized vehicle will be delivered in the same condition as you remember it.

Diverse Vehicle Types Acceptable

Standard cars, trucks, and high-performance vehicles are just some of what our tilt tray towing services can transport. If you have heavy machinery or any type of industrial equipment that you need to be moved, we can do that for you too. Executive Towing Services can use its tilt tray tow trucks to transport industrial machines like bobcats, scissor lifts, forklifts, and diggers. The best part is that we can transport them inexpensively and within a short amount of time, just like any standard vehicle. If you need to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, let us be the one to help by using our professional services.

Executive Towing Services keeps costs low for our customers in Osborne Park because of the heavy-duty tilt tray tow trucks that we use. These trucks are made for easily and quickly transporting heavy vehicles, heavy machines, industrial equipment SUVs, trucks, and passenger cars. On top of that, we hire experienced and professional tow truck operators who’re experts in towing vehicles with a tilt tray truck. This ensures each tow service request is fulfilled smoothly. We can provide this service to all types of clients in Osborne Park, such as industrial, commercial, or residential clients.

The 3 main benefits to our tilt tray tow truck services include:

  • We can transport all types of equipment, vehicles, and
  • Equipment and machinery are loaded at ground level onto the truck. Speed and safety are utilised.
  • We can affordably and quickly move your load to anywhere in Osborne Park or any area in Perth.

Long Distance Transportation

Do you need to transport your equipment, machines, or vehicles to other suburbs or rural areas in Perth? If so, our tilt tray tow trucks can deliver your load to areas just outside of Perth. In fact, we can deliver your load to virtually any rural location within the state of Western Australia. This is great for people who may need a machine delivered to a different construction site or a vehicle transported to a different commercial facility.

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Executive Towing Services has no limits to its tilt tray towing services in Osborne Park. If you need your vehicle, machine, or equipment transported safely and securely to various locations throughout Perth, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only can we transport a diverse range of vehicles, but we can do so at competitive prices too. And when your load arrives at its final destination, it will be in the same condition it was in before.

To get started with your service request call us now, we can be reached on 0410 471 056. The details of the service and the estimated price will be provided over the phone.

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