Do you need to tow and transport a prestige or vintage car? If so, it is essential to hire a towing company that has the experience and qualifications to tow highly valuable vehicles in Perth. You cannot risk hiring an unqualified towing company that does not have the correct equipment and experience to tow your valuable car.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find a qualified company to tow your prestige car. Executive Towing Services specialises in towing prestige and vintage cars in Perth and other areas in Western Australia. When you hire us to relocate your prestige car, we will treat it with the utmost love and respect it deserves.

Once your prestige car arrives at its destination, it will be in the same condition it was in initially. We make this promise to every customer who hires our company to tow their vehicle. There won’t be an added scratch or scuff on your car after we finish towing it. As a result, the integrity and value of your car will be preserved and protected during the entire trip.

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Tilt Tray Towing for Luxury Car Relocation in Perth

The traditional hook and pull towing method is unsuitable for towing a prestige car because it leaves half the towed vehicle on the road while the other half is lifted up at the rear of a traditional tow truck. This puts the towed vehicle in a position where it’ll swerve around and potentially get damaged during transit. You cannot risk something like that happening to such an expensive vehicle.

Executive Towing Services solves this problem by using a tilt tray tow truck only instead of a traditional tow truck. A tilt tray tow truck has a comprehensive range of technological and mechanical features to keep towed vehicles safe and secure on a flatbed. First, the towing operator will load the luxury car onto the flatbed and position the entire vehicle on top of it. Then, the car will be tied down and secured to the flatbed to prevent it from moving or shaking.

No part of the car will get pulled or dragged on the road. There is virtually no way your luxury car can get damaged during transit if it is entirely off the road. That is why you can trust our towing operators to deliver your prestige car to its destination unscuffed, undamaged, unscratched, and unharmed.

Ferrari on tow truck Perth

All Types of Prestige Cars Acceptable

Executive Towing Services has no limits on which luxury or prestige cars we can tow in Perth. We can transport any specialty vehicle model using our advanced towing techniques and procedures. Our towing operators have several years of experience towing all kinds of luxury vehicles without causing any damage to them.

Some examples of the prestige vehicles we can tow include the following:

  • Aston Martin
  • Jaguar
  • Ferrari
  • Audi
  • Lamborghini
  • Bentley
  • Tesla

You’ll never have to worry about safely transporting your prestige vehicle ever again. Our towing operators will secure your prestige vehicle safely on the back of our flatbed. It will remain safe throughout the entire trip to its destination.

Tow Your Entire Fleet of Prestige Cars 

Do you have an entire garage filled with prestige cars? Whether you are an auto business owner or vintage car collector, you can utilise our towing services to transport your entire fleet of luxury cars in Perth from one location to another. We have a whole fleet of tilt tray tow trucks of our own to perform this job quickly and efficiently.

Commercial fleets and vintage auto dealerships are some of our biggest customers for this service. Perhaps you own a vintage auto shop and wish to move or expand your operation to a new location. In this case, you would need our commercial fleet towing services to transport all your vintage cars to that location for you.

Affordable Luxury Car Transportation

You might think that luxury car transportation services are expensive, but not with us. Executive Towing Services is proud to offer affordable prices on all our prestige and vintage car towing services in Perth. We believe in making our specialty towing services just as affordable as our standard towing services.

Our skilled technicians will do the same professional and thorough towing job as they always do. The low price never diminishes the quality of our towing services. Instead, we take extra precautions to ensure all vehicles are safe on our flatbed tow trucks before being transported to their destinations.

Tow Truck Peppermint Grove

Experienced Specialty Towing Service Provider in Perth

Executive Towing Services has nearly two decades of experience in the specialty towing industry. We are one of Perth’s leading prestige car towing companies because of our affordable prices and dedication to providing high-quality customer service. People know that when we transport their prestige or vintage cars, they will arrive safely in the same condition.

Our towing operators possess the necessary credentials to transport luxury vehicles in Perth. We have the proper licences, insurance policies, certifications, and experience to prove our expertise to any customer with doubts about our professionalism. In addition, we have received numerous positive reviews and testimonials from past customers who were happy with our work.

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