Do you need a towing service in Ocean Reef? Need assistance with your broken down or accident damaged vehicle? Executive Towing Services provides fast and efficient tow truck services. We can tow and transport your vehicle to any location in Ocean Reef or Perth.

Executive Towing Services Provides Quality Tow Truck Services

We are an experienced team of towing professionals and our top priorities are our customers and the services we provide. We offer many services that will help you if you have experienced a car accident, serious breakdown or any other type of vehicle incident. We offer top-quality services that always meet our customer needs.

No matter what your situation is, our specialists will find a solution for your Ocean Reef Tow Truck requirements. We understand that a car is an essential part of daily life and our team works tirelessly to make sure we can assist you fast to tow your vehicle to a mechanic or repairer so you can get back on the road again. We are available to assist you with any of your roadside issues. We offer towing and roadside assistance in Ocean Reef and the surrounding areas.

Ocean Reef

Tow Truck Ocean Reef

We can tow your vehicle if it has been involved in an accident and can tow and transport any type of accident damaged vehicles to the customer’s specified place, panel shop or a smash repairer. We will respond quickly to any request and arrive on the scene as soon as possible and can safely tow severely damaged vehicles and slightly damaged vehicles as we have the expertise and equipment and always guarantee a smooth operation and quality service in all cases.

If your car has let you down by breaking down, we can assist in the transportation of your vehicle to a mechanic or repairer. We tow countless vehicles in Ocean Reef and all over Perth and understand to need of a reliable towing service to help when the worst happens. We offer very competitive rates for towing in Ocean Reef and will be more than happy to help when you need us for all your breakdown towing requirements.

If you just need general towing or transport, we can do this too. We move many vehicles around that just need to be moved from one place to another. You may be doing a car up and need to move it from a panel shop back to an auto sparkie. We can tow cars that are rolling, on frames, on a rotisserie and much more. Get in contact with us today to find out more.

Roadside Assistance in Ocean Reef

People drive cars every day. Unexpected failures can make your day more difficult and disrupt all your plans. Our team strives to minimise your disruption by offering emergency roadside assistance. If your vehicle has stopped because you have suffered a flat tyre or run out of fuel, we can help.

We offer fast roadside assistance in Ocean Reef and can help in many situations like if your car won’t start from a flat battery, locked your keys inside the car or boot, run over something and punctured a tyre and haven’t made it to the service station and run out of fuel.  

These types of situations can be fixed right on the side of the road by one of our roadside technicians and can eliminate the need of a tow. This also means that we can assist as a one-off service without the need of being a member of a roadside assistance plan.

Get in touch with us now to enquire or request one of the services we provide by calling 0410 471 056. Help is not far away.

Tilt Tray Tow Truck in Ocean Reef

About Ocean Reef

Ocean Reef is a northern suburb in Perth Western Australia and is in the City of Joondalup. Developers in the 1970’s came up with the name after noticing a line of reef’s several kilometres offshore. In 1974, the name was officially adopted, replacing Beaumaris which was still used by one of the shopping centres, and one primary school.

Hodges Drive divides the suburb into two. The development to the south is often called ‘old Ocean Reef’ (there are only a few decades between them). At the western end of Hodges Drive’s foreshore, the boat harbour is located. There are two shopping centres in the suburb: Beaumaris Shopping Centre to the north and Ocean Reef Shopping Centre south. Recent roadworks was completed to extend Hodges Drive (south), Shenton Ave (north), and the ‘Sunset Coast’ drive into the nearby suburb of Iluka.

The Ocean Reef Boat Harbour is located 8 km north from the Hillary’s Boat Harbour. It offers a public boat launching ramp and small fishing harbor. The City of Joondalup prepared concept plans in recent years for the construction of a premier recreational, residential, boating, and tourism marina on the Ocean Reef Boat Harbour site (Ocean Reef Marina).

From South to North, a dune path and cycle path runs along the coast. It provides access to small beaches, rest stops, picnic areas, and routes into the suburb. The Indian Ocean facing houses are separated by a large, protected dune that is sometimes around 400m wide.

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