Dependable Towing Service in the City of Nedlands

Breakdowns, car accidents and vehicle trouble are frustrating situations for any driver. What you need is a dependable towing service provider that will come out to rescue you and your vehicle at a moment’s notice. Executive Towing Services can tow any car or truck that has broken down or had an accident in the city of Nedlands. Our range of services includes vehicle recovery, towing and transportation to any location within the city that you specify. Customer service has always been our number one priority for the people of Nedlands. If you have an emergency with your vehicle which requires a tow, contact us right away on 0410 471 056.

Towing Services for Residents of Nedlands

The private citizens of Nedlands request our towing services every day. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your car breaks down on the side of the road and you have nowhere else to go, Executive Towing Services is here to help. We have already assisted a record number of local residents within this area. Let us do the same for you whenever you need emergency assistance with your vehicle.

In addition to our vehicle recovery and towing service, Executive Towing Services offers transportation services for all types of vehicles. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a non-functional vehicle either. Many of our local customers own performance vehicles which need to be transported safely to a mechanic or different location. Since driving some of these performance vehicles on the road it puts them at risk, the owners hire us to transport them securely. We’ve even had customers who have asked us to transport their custom-built sports cars. These vehicles have suspensions as low as the ones you’d find on race cars. Fortunately, Executive Towing Services has the right equipment to transport such delicate vehicles like these.

Supporting Local Companies

You will be happy to know that we service both residential and commercial customers in Nedlands. A lot of our local commercial clients use cars and trucks as part of their daily operations. Some of them even use heavy machinery like forklifts and bobcats. If any of these vehicles were to start having problems, it could jeopardize the productivity of the business. Executive Towing Services is one of the few towing companies in Nedlands which has the proper equipment and tow truck tilt trays to transport these type of vehicles. If you are a business owner who is having problems with their commercial vehicle or machinery, give us a call and we will assist you in whichever way possible.

We Are Insured, Qualified, and Experienced

The ideal towing company is one that is fully insured, experienced, and qualified to perform the service it advertises. The tow truck operators of Executive Towing Services are all fully licensed and have several years of experience in transporting vehicles. The best part is that our rates are affordable, and our services are performed quickly and efficiently. To find out more information, call us on 0410 471 056 or use our website’s contact us form.


Nedlands is a western suburb in Perth, Western Australia and the local government area is the City of Nedlands. Nedlands is an affluent suburb with many expensive federation style homes in the southern half and it also contains some low cost housing for students attending the University of Western Australia in the neighbouring suburb. The Windsor Theatre is located in Nedlands on Stirling Highway, the Heritage listed Art Deco building was built in 1937. The postcode for the area is 6009.

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