Affordable and Reliable Tow Truck Service in Mullaloo

Did you get into a car accident in Mullaloo? Maybe your car broke down, or you need it relocated somewhere safe. These are stressful situations which can be resolved by a tow truck operator that works quickly and efficiently.

Executive Towing Services has been in the business of towing vehicles and saving stranded people from unfortunate situations like these for years. We offer all kinds of services related to towing and transporting vehicles from point A to point B. The important thing is to get your vehicle off the road and to a location where it can be fixed, repaired, or sheltered. Let us be the ones to bring your vehicle to safety.

By calling 0410 471 056, you can reach our dedicated team which is standing by to address your enquiries and fulfil your service requests. We pride ourselves at being the best of what we do

Residential Towing in Mullaloo

In Mullaloo, any private citizen with car issues can call Executive Towing Services for help. We have towing experts available in all suburbs. Our drivers are available to assist in the latest service call that comes in. When you call our number to request a tow, we’ll dispatch your request to the nearest available tow truck operator. They’ll drive to your location and get your vehicle moved as fast as possible. We work as a team to ensure that our customers are satisfied with a high-quality, speedy service.

In addition, we offer relocation services for vehicles too. Let’s say you want to move a valuable vehicle without getting it scratched or scuffed. We have the latest innovative towing equipment to move such prized vehicles and keep them flawless. By the time they arrive at their destination, they’ll look the same.

Roadside Assistance in Mullaloo

Roadside assistance is a special type of service reserved for people who have car trouble because of minor car issues. Things like an empty fuel tank, flat battery and flat tyres can be remedied on the side of the road without needing to be towed to a mechanic. For this reason, our roadside assistance can deliver the necessary help to wherever your vehicle is experiencing these issues. This will save you so much money because you won’t need to get a tow.

Commercial Towing in Mullaloo

When commercial vehicles pass through Mullaloo, we are readily available to assist them with towing if necessary. Our tilt tray tow trucks are equipped to handle larger commercial vehicles, such as buses, oversized vans and small trucks, our tilt tray tow trucks are designed to handle the weight and size of these larger vehicles safely and efficiently and all at a competitive price. In addition to this we can also transport machinery from one location to another, this includes forklifts, bobcats, scissor lifts and many more.

Call a Qualified Professional

Executive Towing Services specialises in transporting and recovering vehicles in Mullaloo. Your vehicle will always be in the hands of experts as they’re towing it for you. Between our highly qualified tow truck operators and innovative towing equipment, it is easy to deliver good customer service in a timely manner. To get started, you can reach our team on 0410 471 056.


Mullaloo is a northern suburb in Perth, Western Australia and the local government area is the City of Joondalup. Mullaloo is a coastal suburb and is approximately a 15 minute walk to the Beach from the centre of the suburb. Established in the 1950’s the suburb is mainly residential and is serviced by Ocean Reef Road and Dampier Avenue. There are two schools in the suburb: Mullaloo Beach Primary School and Mullaloo Heights Primary School. The postcode for the area is 6027.

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