You never know when your car will break down in Currambine. It could happen when you least expect it to happen because of a surprise mechanical issue. As a result, you will be left stranded somewhere on the side of the road in Currambine and need the requirement of a professional towing service in the area.

Consider calling the towing experts of Executive Towing Services. We have the latest innovative tools, tilt tray tow trucks, equipment and training to tow vehicles from anywhere in the suburb. One phone call to us on 0410 471 056 is all you need to make. We’ll send a qualified professional operator to assist you fast.

Accident Towing in Currambine

Breakdowns are bad, but accidents are worse. At least with a breakdown, you might have one or two components in the vehicle that need to be replaced or fixed. But with accidents, you could end up with dozens of components that get damaged and need to be replaced. Because of this, the cost to fix a damaged vehicle is considerably more money than the cost to fix a broken-down vehicle.

One big reason to choose Executive Towing Services for your towing service is that we keep our rates fair and balanced. We don’t believe in overcharging or sneaking in any hidden charges. When you call us to make a service request, we’ll let you know how much it will cost beforehand. Then you can budget for the expense prior to committing yourself to the service.

On the upside, your comprehensive motor insurance policy might pay for our towing services if you have an accident. We can provide more information in regards to making a claim and also assist you in obtaining a loan car after a not a fault car accident.

Commercial Towing in Currambine 

Do you run a business in Currambine? Are there commercial vehicles used by the business? If one of these commercial vehicles breaks down, you can count on Executive Towing Services to come to your rescue the same way we would for anyone else.

The range of our services are extended to all types of vehicles no matter what their purpose may be. If you have trucks, bobcats, delivery vans, machinery or other business-related vehicles, then we can tow them for you. Call us for more information.

Knowledgeable and Qualified Towing Company in Currambine

 Executive Towing Services is a knowledgeable and qualified towing company in Currambine. We always hire tilt tray tow truck operators who have proven themselves to be educated and skilled at their professions. Since customer service is always important to us, we make sure our operators can deliver 100% customer satisfaction for each job. That is what they can do for you as well. Contact us at 0410 471 056 and see for yourself.


The suburb of Currambine is in the Capital City of Perth, Western Australia. Some of the most notable features of the suburb include the Currambine Central Shopping Centre, Currambine Railway Station, the cinema complex, and Joondalup Golf Course. Marmion Avenue is the main road servicing the area. The total area for the suburb is 3.1km².


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