Expert Tow Truck Services in Como

Just south of the river is the residential suburb of Como. It is a beautiful location to live and drive around in. Unfortunately, the day will come when you experience an unexpected accident or breakdown which renders your vehicle undriveable. We know it is a terrible feeling to be stranded on the side of the road while wondering what you’re going to do next. Well, let us help you with that decision.

Executive Towing Services is just one phone call away. When your car or truck breaks down or gets involved in an accident, give us a call on 0410 471 056. Our customer service representative will send a tow truck specialist to your location in Como. All our tow truck operators are quite punctual and do not waste any time. As soon as they get the word that someone is in trouble, they head right to their location as soon as possible. Everyone in the suburb trusts our company because of our devotion to providing good quality customer service.

Residential Towing in Como

When you experience a breakdown and are stuck waiting on the side of the road, you’ll want to get help as quickly as possible. Every single day in Como, Executive Towing Services helps dozens of people who are in this same predicament. If your vehicle breaks down unexpectedly and it puts a big dent in your plans for the day, your only hope is for a fast tow truck operator to relocate your vehicle in a timely manner. Let us be your designated tow truck operator so that your vehicle can be towed from the side of the road and relocated to the required destination.

Emergency Roadside Assistance in Como

Emergency breakdown roadside assistance is available in Como. Executive Towing Services can come out to your location to change a flat tyre, open a locked door, fill up your petrol tank with fuel, and jumpstart your dead battery. Just tell our customer service representative on the phone which problem you’re faced with and we’ll send someone with the right resources to resolve the issue.

Commercial Towing in Como

Private vehicles are not the only ones we tow and relocate. Executive Towing Services can transport commercial vehicles and industrial machinery too. Some examples of these types of vehicles include scissor lifts, forklifts, light trucks, bobcats, large vans, and so on. Commercial vehicles which breakdown need to get transported to an auto repair shop just like private vehicles. As for industrial machinery, you may simply want them transported to or from temporary worksites in the suburb. Whatever the need we can assist with any type of commercial or machinery towing that you require.

Executive Towing Services Has Your Back

Never worry again about how you’re going to get your vehicle towed in Como. Executive Towing Services is fully qualified and capable of saving your day. Every one of our tow truck operators has several years of experience and regularly receive continuing education in tow truck operations. Rest assured that you’re in good hands when our tow truck operators are answering your service calls. Call to enquire today.


Como is a residential suburb in Perth, Western Australia and the local government area is the City of South Perth. Como is mainly serviced by Canning Highway which runs over the Kwinana Freeway by the Canning Bridge. A golf course is located in the suburb named Collier Park Golf. The population of Como was 14,138 at the 2016 census.

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