Affordable & Professional Towing Services in Balga

It can be very frustrating when you put your key in the ignition, turn it, and your car won’t start. What is even more frustrating is breaking down in the middle of traffic and having to quickly get over to the side of the road before you come to a complete stop. If you are driving in Balga when this happens, you may not know where to turn to for help. Well… now you do.

Executive Towing Services is comprised of professional towing operators who can assist. We have been doing this line of work for more than 10 years in Balga, helping thousands of stranded people within that timeframe. When it comes to towing services, you need a team who are experienced, fast, and affordable. That is what you will get when requesting a tow truck service from us in Balga.

Superior Towing and Transportation Services

When someone calls us to request our services, we will send a tow truck operator to their location in Balga promptly. These can be emergency situations, such as accidents, or they can be scheduled transportation services. For instance, if you have a performance car, family sedan, or any commercial vehicle that you need to transport somewhere in Balga at a scheduled time, you can arrange a special tow for the vehicle with our towing services.

You have invested a lot of money in your vehicle and you’ll want to have peace of mind in knowing that it will be safely transported to the required destination. Our towing professionals will get your vehicle to its destination safely and without any issues. Customer service is our number one priority.

A Plethora of Highly Functional Tow Trucks

You will never have to wait long for a tow truck operator to come to your location after you make an emergency call for our services. We have a fleet of tow trucks which are highly maintained and ready to help anyone in a timely manner. These trucks can move any car or heavy piece of machinery to any warehouse or mechanic that you want in Balga. We have tilt trays available in case you need a forklift transported too.

Our tow trucks are always functioning because we regularly maintain them to ensure they do their job well out on the road. Best of all, we will transport your vehicle to its destination in the same condition we found it in. We take every precaution and treat every vehicle like our own. The quality and care of your vehicle will always be put first.

Affordable High-Quality Services

Many towing companies may not provide the same quality service at a competitive price but Executive Towing Services will always provide the best service and pride ourselves on helping people who are facing emergency situations.

So, if you are left stranded somewhere in Balga and you need to hire an emergency towing service without breaking the bank, then you can call Executive Towing Services. When it comes to roadside assistance, you can always rely on us to service your call quickly. For assistance, you can call us on 0410 471 056.


Balga is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia and is 13 kilometres north of Perth central business district (CBD). The local government area is the City of Stirling and the suburb is mainly residential with a small shopping centre and aquatic centre serving the area. Balga Senior High School  is the state high school which opened in 1970. The postcode for the area is 6061.

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