Do you need to tow your car? A reliable towing service is challenging to find these days. Fortunately, you have found one of the few dependable and professional towing companies in Trigg. Executive Towing Services has established its reputation in Trigg for the last 15+ years. Within that time, we’ve formed excellent relationships with several individuals and businesses that have grown to depend on our towing services for their survival.

We offer a variety of helpful towing services to anyone in Trigg. Some of which include breakdown and accident towing, which are the two of the services that we provide. Vehicle transportation is what we specialise in the most and we care about the safety and integrity of our customers’ vehicles as if they were our possessions too. You can receive assistance for a tow truck trigg or the surrounding Perth metropolitan area if you call us on 0410 471 056


Breakdown Towing in Trigg

We offer fast assistance to any person who needs a tow in Trigg. If your vehicle broke down somewhere in the suburb unexpectedly and you don’t know what to do, one phone call to Executive Towing Services will solve your problem. One of our tow truck operators will come out to the place where you’ve broken down and get your vehicle from the side of the road. Just let us know where you want the vehicle to go, such as a business address, mechanic’s garage, repair shop, or any other local address. If you need to transport a luxury vehicle or custom vehicle with an unusually lowered suspension, we can do that for you too as we specialise in the towing and transport of such vehicles.

Emergency Roadside Assistance in Trigg

 You don’t have to change flat tyres on your own. Executive Towing Services can give you emergency roadside assistance, where a highly trained technician comes out to your location and changes the tyre for you. We can also jumpstart your battery if it has died, unlock your door if you lost your keys, and add more fuel to your fuel tank if you run out of petrol. All of these services are available to you in any location in Trigg. You won’t need to have your vehicle towed to any particular place to receive this service.

Accident Towing in Trigg

Did you suffer a car accident in Trigg? If so, we can help you out in this situation. Executive Towing Services is capable of towing accident-damaged vehicles no matter what kind of shape they are in. We can do this because our tilt tray tow trucks are designed for the specific purpose of handling vulnerable vehicles in bad condition. There won’t be any further damage done to your car because of how we recover the vehicle and how securely it will be kept on the back of our tow truck. In addition to this you may not even have any out-of-pocket expenses for our services if you have comprehensive motor insurance coverage. Call us to find out more about our car accident towing services.

Commercial Towing & Transport in Trigg

Trigg, as well as the rest of Perth, has hundreds of businesses. Many of these businesses depend on commercial vehicles to perform service calls, deliveries and pickups. If any of their commercial vehicles were to malfunction or break down, it could have devastating consequences for their businesses.

Does this problem sound like something you’re facing in Trigg? If so, you could use our commercial towing services to help you out whenever you need a fast, efficient and dependable towing company to come to your rescue. Executive Towing Services is a premier towing company because our tilt tray tow trucks can handle most commercial vehicles. We can tow and transport any vehicle up to a weight capacity of 11 tonnes, which is enough to tow large commercial vans, heavy trucks, and even industrial machinery.

Do you need to transport machinery like bobcats or forklifts? How about sea containers? Whatever you need to be picked up and moved around, we can do it with our tilt tray tow trucks.

If you have questions about whether we can transport your commercial vehicle, shipping container, or industrial machinery, give our team a call to discuss on 0410 471 056. You can also use our contact us form below.

Executive Towing Services tilt tray truck

Executive Towing Services Delivers Customer Satisfaction

Executive Towing Services employs fully qualified, insured and licensed tow truck operators in Trigg. You should expect nothing less from a towing company that specialises in breakdown and accident towing services in the suburbs of Perth. We bring over 15 years of experience with us whenever we satisfy a towing request from a customer. How many other towing companies can say the same thing? Very few of them have the reputation and social status that we’ve built throughout our years in the suburb of Trigg.

About Trigg

Trigg is located in Perth, Western Australia. The City of Stirling is the local government area. Trigg lies next to coastal waters, where a small island named “Trigg Island” exists. The postcode of the area is 6029.

Trigg was first established as a suburb in the 1940s. It was named after a man who worked as the Superintendent of Public Works during the Swan River Colony era back in 1842. His name was Henry Trigg.

Trigg has a population of 2,794 people, according to a 2016 census. People love to visit the suburb because of Trigg Beach, a beautiful coastal beach with aqua blue water and white sand. It is a popular spot for surfboarding, bodyboarding, snorkelling and swimming.

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