Do you need a professional and dependable towing service in Lynwood?  Executive Towing Services specialises in recovering and transporting vehicles that have suffered breakdowns and accidents in Lynwood. It doesn’t matter if you drive a private vehicle for personal use or a commercial vehicle for business use. We can recover your vehicle from the side of the road and transport it to the necessary destination quickly and efficiently.

To request our towing services or to find out more information right now for a tow truck Lynwood call us on 0410 471 056.

We Provide Towing Services in Lynwood

Executive Towing Services can recover, tow and transport vehicles from any location in Lynwood. We tow vehicles every day that have broken down for any reason, move vehicles from one workshop or repair centre to another, load and transport a severely accident damaged vehicle to a smash repairer and anything else you imagine. We’ll immediately send the nearest tow truck operator to your location to assist you and get your car where it needs to go.

We also provide commercial towing services for businesses that frequent the suburb of Lynwood with their commercial vehicles. Executive Towing Services can tow all types of vehicles including standard cars, vans, utes, trucks and even all types of machinery. We know that any kind of vehicle problem can be frustrating and stressful, especially when the vehicle is stuck on the side of the road. That is why our fleet of tow truck operators will work fast to help our customers get their vehicles off the road and to a safe location without any hassle.

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Emergency Roadside Assistance Services

Not all emergency roadside problems require a tow. Sometimes your vehicle may have a flat tyre or dead battery issue that can be resolved on the side of the road. Executive Towing Services offers emergency roadside assistance for these types of minor problems. If you need a flat tyre change, battery jumpstart, fuel replenishment or car door unlocked, you can call our team of professional emergency roadside technicians for immediate assistance. We are here to solve all your major roadside problems, whether they’re major or minor.

Our Credentials Speak for Themselves 

Executive Towing Services is a fully certified, licensed and insured towing company in Lynwood. We have some of the most advanced towing vehicles and equipment in the industry. Our tow truck operators are capable of towing all kinds of vehicles, including commercial vehicles, standard passenger cars, light trucks, sports utility vehicles, and four-wheel drive vehicles and are fully trained and have years of experience towing and transporting cars in all areas of Perth.

We operate a fleet of tow trucks that are designed to keep vehicles safe as they’re towed to their destinations. We only use and operate tilt tray tow trucks and the vehicles are loaded on the back of the towing truck, no part of them touches the ground during transit. This enables us to tow vehicles of all different shapes and sizes, including industrial-grade machines like bobcats and forklifts. The vehicle or machinery will remain safe and secure during the entire towing process.

About Lynwood

Lynwood is a residential suburb in the southeastern region of Perth, Western Australia and the local government area of the City of Canning. It is a suburb filled with parks, recreational facilities, food outlets, and shopping centres.

Henry Willett & Company first settled in the Lynwood area (Canning Location 21) in June of 1832. The area would later be purchased by Septimus Burt, who would go on to name it “Burtsdale.” That would remain as the name until developers purchased the area in August 1965. The developers changed the name to “Lynwood.”

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