Executive Towing Services is a locally owned and operated towing company servicing Edgewater. When someone calls us when they have had a breakdown or traffic accident, we will send the closest available tow truck operator to their location. Our response time is fast and out prices are competitive. We can help you for all your towing requirements and have done so for many for the past 15 years.

We are the premier vehicle transportation and breakdown recovery service providers of the suburb. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing our towing services, then please give our company a try the next time you need a towing service. If you need a tow truck Edgewater call us on 0410 471 056.


Accident Towing in Edgewater

Car accidents can cause emotional turmoil for all parties involved. A dozen worries will probably pop into your head afterwards. You may worry about the injuries you incurred or the damage that was done to your vehicle. If you’re worried about the latter, then you should focus on getting your vehicle to a safe place before worrying about the repair costs.

As for the towing costs, we keep our prices competitive and affordable. Executive Towing Services does not believe in causing any more financial burden to accident victims than necessary. All we want to do is tow your vehicle for a price that is fair and descent.

However, you may not have to worry about the cost if you have comprehensive motor insurance. Most insurance policies with comprehensive coverage will pay for your tow truck service. That means you won’t have to pay any money of your own for the tow and storage of your vehicle. Call us to find out more.

Emergency Roadside Assistance is Available in Edgewater

Did you know that Executive Towing Services offers emergency roadside assistance to motorists in Edgewater? If something insignificant makes you stranded on the road, such as a flat tyre or empty fuel tank, then you don’t need to panic over that. You can request to have one of our roadside technicians come to you in Edgewater and help you with any of these minor car issues. You’ll be amazed how quickly that you will be on the road again after we’re done helping you and the price could be cheaper than a tow.

Request Our Expert Towing Service Today!

Do you still need any more reasons to hire Executive Towing Services? How about the fact that we are fully insured, experienced, educated, and skilled for providing towing services in Edgewater? You probably won’t find other towing companies that can make these same claims. Call for a tow truck Edgewater on 0410 471 056 for a quote. You can also use our contact us form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you.

About Edgewater

The suburb of Edgewater is situated in Perth, Western Australia. About 24 kilometres away from the suburb is the central business district of Perth. For the most part, Edgewater is a great place to live. It is a beautiful area with a lot of gorgeous scenery to admire. Established in 1974 the name of Edgewater comes from the location of the western edge of Lake Joondalup. The local government area is The City of Joondalup and for politics, the state electorate is Joondalup and the federal division is the Division of Moore.

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